Staying Safe When Traveling in Europe

Over the years, the number of petty crimes has increased in Europe especially in parts that receive many tourists. In many cases, tourists have had to endure personal losses thanks to pickpockets and scam artists. However, there are some measures that tourists can take in order to avoid being victims of such.

Guidelines for staying safe when traveling in Europe

Blend-in by wearing clothes like those of the locals. You can minimize your sd;lkbns;lfkbs9860986exposure to tourists by not wearing very expensive brand clothing or flashing around expensive equipment such as iPads, cameras, and jewelry.

You also shouldn’t keep all your valuables and finances in the same place. If you spread it out, it will limit the possibility of you losing everything at the same time. Another option would be to seal or lock your valuables in a bag and leave it with the clerk so that it can be kept in the hotel safe. Confirm that he had done that before you leave.

Feel free to ask for an ID if you are approached by someone/ a stranger who is seemingly in a uniform that you cannot recognize.

While at the ATM, pay special attention and don’t let someone behind you watch you as you enter your pin. Also don’t accept to be “helped.”

If you are making your travels for work via train, you also need to be alert. Keep a watchful eye on your luggage. If you have a
suitcase, ensure that it is secured and locked.

hsjskydfu487498In case protests arise in the city where you are, don’t join in. Stay away from them. Another important thing that you should avoid is local festivals, especially those involving competitions between animals (bulls).
While on the streets of Europe, watch out for pickpockets. Women can avoid carrying purses and men too shouldn’t carry their wallets. Instead, carry your valuables such as money, passports and credit cards in a money belt underneath your clothing. Ensure that it is hidden. Secondly, as you walk down areas that are heavy with traffic, look out for snatchers. Ensure that you hold your bag tightly.


As seen above, during your stay in Europe, you will be exposed to various dangers. However, wherever you are, always ensure that you study and know your surroundings well. If there is something that makes you uncomfortable, then move. It is this being cautious at all times that will aid in you staying safe when traveling in Europe.