The Rise of Steel Metal Building

There has been a steady rise in steel metal building over the past decades. Many people have embraced steel metal building because of the lower maintenance costs, longer structure life span, and ease of construction. There are various designs of the pre-engineered metal buildings that are referred to as the metal building systems. The steel metal solutions were initially used during the First World War as temporary shelters and storage shacks. Calgary Steel Buildings are the strongest buildings. There are many applications of steel in today’s buildings. This blog talks about some of these applications.


Cohesive system

One of the applications of the steel metal building is that it is cohesive. Once you decide to use this system, the roof jkmbvxzpanels, the walls, the secondary framing and the primary framing are designed to work together. For a building to stand the test of time, the different materials used in its construction must be cohesive. This is what the steel metal building offers.

Secondary framing is equally critical in any building. It refers to the frame that goes between the main frame and that one which holds the roof panels and the wall panels. Their function is to provide lateral support so that the building does not collapse under adverse conditions. The steel that is used in the roof panel is usually galvalumed or galvanized for so as to resist corrosion.

Easy installation

One of the benefits of using the metal system is the ease of installation. The buildings that are constructed using the metal systems usually take a shorter period to be built. This is because the steel metal building system have fewer components which allow them shorter erection time and quicker fabrication. These components are usually fabricated off the site and erected when there are few building trades.

The metal building systems are easy to erect as compared to the other building systems. The architects can take up to 10 weeks to come up with the design. Once the design has been done, it may take between 14 and 21 days to have a 250,000 square feet building standing up.


klmbvxzOne of the reasons as to why the steel metal systems are used is because of the sustainability. These types of building system are ideal as steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth. The recycled steel reduces not only the mining waste but also the air and water pollution. The production of steel via recycling also uses less energy.