When Looking For A Job Is Education More Important Than Experience?


Research and statistics have revealed that there is a high level of under or unemployment in two most important demographics- gfafhadfha8-7persons between the age of 20 and 55. In reality, there is a high number of graduate students with beautiful grades roaming from one town to another searching for lucrative jobs from well-paying and socially responsible companies. However, the bitter truth is that hardly do they secure these outstanding positions.

Indeed, one of the major reason for not securing a good job in a good company revolve on nothing, but experience. It is no surprise that there is a great debate about the value of base experience over formal education in the workplace. Whether due to poor job prospects or a rise of cutting-edge-self-technology, the above debate has and will come to the forefront is education more important than experience when looking for a job?

If you manage to interact with employers, you will realize that over 84 percent of them are employing persons with experience. This, by itself, shows that experience holds more value than the formal education. But, is that really the frontlines of recruitment? As a matter of fact, it depends on some few factors, as explained herein.

First and foremost, there are some fields where education qualifications are mandatory, such as law and medicine. Nevertheless, how you express your sector experience is equally important.

On the other hand, if a candidate is applying for a more diverse role or when you aspire to fill a position that has been created in response to technological advances or compliance, direct experience is not a priority. In this case, you just need to demonstrate the relevance of your educational qualification. Additionally, you need to be highly assertive, understand the company’s history, and position yourself as a key player in the industry. In other words, you are required to demonstrate your ability and willingness to learn and gain more experience.

srgsrgoahr;go0986084Secondly, it is common knowledge that older workers often seek for a more senior position(s) that calls for management skills. In this case, their acquired skills in managing teams will definitely supersede their educational qualification. In essence, the talent of mentorship and flexibility in such roles will make you stand tall.


Educational qualification is one of the key aspects for consideration for a job. However, as a candidate with no experience, you must be prepared to demonstrate your abilities in an interview set-up and convince the employer-to-be that you have an interest in personal growth and willingness to continually learn as well as apply newly acquired knowledge/skills in bettering your service delivery.